Guns 101: Remember to Check Your Holsters for Wear

As previously discussed, a holster is what holds a handgun to your body.  If you are carrying a handgun, it belongs in a holster since tucking a handgun into a waistband is negligent.  It is important to routinely check one’s holster’s for wear and tear, as a failure of the holster when carrying can be dangerous and/or unlawful.

“Gun Owners, Unite!” – Video Clip

Colion Noir tackles the fractured gun community and the need for a unified front against the anti-gun agenda. As the season comes to a close, Colion reflects on the conversations he had and the minds he changed, and discusses what it means to identify as a gun owner with Farran, Kandace, Richard Ryan and the town hall participants.

A 9-Shot .22 Revolver for Self Defense? No thanks

A recent article from the Bradenton Herald suggests that readers purchase a 9-shot .22 long rifle revolver for self defense purposes.  While I applaud any newspaper running an article supporting armed self defense, that advice is misguided.

Why Laws that Ban Handguns but Allow Long Guns (shotguns/rifles) are Still Wrongful

I recently received an email from a gentleman who asserted that long guns (rifles/shotguns) are more effective for self defense than handguns, and that it therefore stands to reason that a handgun ban is reasonable so long as citizens are permitted to own long guns.  This is a viewpoint that I’ve heard before, espoused by those note that criminals use handguns more than any other type of gun, and believe that a handgun ban is therefore the appropriate governmental response.  … Continued

SmartCarry Concealed Carry Holster Review

Below is my review of the SmartCarry holster.  I said I would publish this review quite a while ago, right after I got my concealed carry permit, but forgot all about that for 6 months.  Thankfully, a reader emailed me about it, and so here is the review:

Smith & Wesson Model 610 Revolver (10mm and .40 S&W) Review

Below is my review of the Smith and Wesson Model 610 revolver, which is chambered for two cartridges traditionally reserved for semi-automatic pistols: 10mm Auto and .40 S&W.  It is a firearm that I’ve wanted to own for quite a while, and just recently was able to find and buy.

“Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo”

I would like to point out an excellent article entitled “Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo.” That article is the result of extensive testing of various self defense rounds, for handguns, rifles, and shotguns.  I would say it is one of the all around best self defense ammo reviews I’ve ever seen.

Ballistic Gel Testing Results

Ammunition used for self defense purposes must be carefully picked to ensure optimal performance.   A bullet that performs properly can be the difference between stopping an attacker in time, or dying at the hands of that attacker.  I’ve discussed, in general, my thoughts on the proper ammunition for such defensive purposes.  However I don’t have the time/resources to provide specific information about the performance of various different self defense round.  That is why I’m mentioning The Brass Fetcher website:

Ammunition Shortage

Since Obama‘s election, there has been a nation wide ammunition shortage.  The Chicago-area gun stores where I bought ammo raised their prices about 25%, and would only sell me 3 boxes at a time, but they always had ammo to sell.  I’ve read about more severe shortages in blogs, and seen discussions about it on various forums, but until recently I didn’t really experience the shortage myself.  That changed yesterday:

“Gun Free” Oak Park: 3 Armed Robberies in 3 Days

For quite a while, I wrote weekly articles about the “gun free” village of Oak Park, IL, which still has a handgun ban that criminals routinely ignore as they commit armed robberies and shootings.  Over the last month or so, I haven’t mentioned Oak Park very often, simply because I had more interesting matters to write about, and limited time to spend blogging. However, as a recent article from the Chicago Tribune shows, the robberies have continued:

Attend the McDonald v. Chicago Oral Argument on May 26, 2009

In the  D.C. v. Heller case, the Supreme Court struck down the ban on handguns in the District of Columbia, as that ban violated the Second Amendment.  One of the issues left unresolved in that case was whether the Second Amendment applied against state and local governments, or just the federal government.  The McDonald v. Chicago case may answer that question with respect to the Chicago and Oak Park handgun bans.

Mayor Daley’s Latest Anti Gun Plans

Chicago’s Mayor Daley is well known for his opposition to gun rights for individuals other than himself and his political allies. He supports Chicago’s handgun ban, and is fighting a court battle in an attempt to keep that ban, despite overwhelming evidence that the handgun ban doesn’t disarm criminals but instead leaves innocent people defenseless.   In keeping with his tradition of passing the buck, Mayor Daley has again decided to blame Chicago’s rampant crime on guns and the federal government:

Yes, Chicago Residents Can Own a Handgun Outside of City Limits

I recently received an email from a Chicago resident, who was interested in buying a handgun and keeping it outside of city limits, due to the handgun ban.  It is perfectly fine to do so, and some Chicago-area gun stores/ranges will store your gun for about $10/month.  One such range that will do this is Maxon.

A Defensive Pistol Instructor’s Advice on Firearms Training (in response to the BART shooting)

On New Years Day 2009, there was a police shooting in which a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police officer shot and killed Oscar Grant III who was face down on the ground, unarmed, and surrounded by multiple police officers.  Witnesses and cell phone video footage appear to indicate that the shooting was not justified (although remember, innocent until proven guilty).  The (former) BART police officer, Johannes Mehserle, has been criminally charged, and the family of the deceased man has … Continued

Armed Elderly Woman Holds Home Invader at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

As reported, a 70 year old woman from South Bend, Indiana called 911 to report that someone was breaking in to her home.  She grabbed her .38 caliber revolver, and after the criminal crawled in through a window, she held him at gunpoint.  After about 5 minutes, police arrived and arrested 28-year-old Cyrus Brown on preliminary charges of burglary, resisting arrest, and intimidation.

Another “One Gun A Month” Scheme

As reported, the state of New Jersey may soon prevent law abiding citizens from purchasing more than one handgun per month.  Those pushing for this law ignore the fact that similar laws have failed to prevent crime in the past, that such a law imposes an unreasonable burden on law abiding citizens, and that it is wrongful to arbitrarily limit the exercise of a constitutional right:

Concealed Carry (CCW)

I live in Illinois, which is one of only 2 states that has a complete ban on the carrying of a concealed firearm for self defense.  That means that while the criminals in Chicago are armed, I am unarmed.  It also means that many of my fellow Illinois residents are unaware of the benefits of concealed carry.  This article is designed to briefly explain what concealed carry is about, explain why concealed carry is a good thing, and to debunk … Continued

Revolver Tattoo

A friend of mine is a tattoo artist, and created this tattoo for a client of his.  While I’m more of a pistol fan, I thought I would post a picture:

More Proof that Handgun Bans Don’t Work

I recently stumbled across a 7 year old article in the BBC, which showed a 40% increase in handgun related crime in the 2 years after the UK’s handgun ban was passed.  This crime increase continues to this day.

Winnetka, IL Handgun Ban Repealed

As reported, the village of Winnetka, Illinois has repealed is 20-year-old ban on handguns, thanks to the NRA and 3 law abiding citizens who fought to restore their right to have handguns for self defense:

The Suffering Caused by Handgun Bans

A recent home invasion in Chicago ended with a mother and her young daughter landing face first on the pavement, with the kind of injuries one would expect from such a fall. They jumped from a second floor window to escape an armed and masked home invader who was about to kill them.  This is yet another reason why I oppose handgun bans.

Oak Park, IL: Another Week of Armed Robberies, in spite of the handgun ban

It seems that armed robbery in Oak Park, Illinois is becoming a weekly topic for me to write about, and since armed robbery is up 250% this year, I have had plenty of material.  This week is no different, with multiple armed robberies reported – despite the longstanding handgun ban which only serves to leave Oak Park’s law abiding citizens without a means of self defense:

Ballistic Fingerprinting of Guns: An expensive failure

Since 2001, all pistols and revolvers in New York state have been ballistically fingerprinted before sale, and this information has been recorded in a database.  The (faulty) idea was that this database, which costs $1 Million each year, would help the police to solve gun related crimes.  However there have been exactly 0 prosecutions that can be attributed to this database.

Make Sure Your Gun Fits You Well

Having a gun that is comfortable for the user to hold and fire is important.  A gun that doesn’t fit the user will be unpleasant to shoot, and accuracy will suffer.  This article addresses such considerations when selecting a gun:

Chicago Mayor Daley Denies Protection to Boot Workers After Shooting, Keeps his Own Bodyguards

As I mentioned before, a city of Chicago vehicle booter was recently shot while performing his duties.  This is not the first time that such a shooting has occurred.  Mayor Daley has rejected calls to either have the employees work in teams of two, or to provide police protection to these workers.  Instead, the Chicago police act as 24 hour bodyguards to Daley and other politicians, and do so at tax payer expense.

Gun Waiting Periods

In many areas, anti gun rights politicians and organizations have mandated waiting periods before a gun can be purchased.  They argue that his will provide time for an angry person to “cool off” so that they don’t go buy a gun and commit a crime, and that this time is needed to run a background check.  These arguments may seem persuasive at first, but are in fact rather weak and poorly reasoned; failing to prevent crime and instead leaving citizens … Continued

Bullet Weight vs. Velocity – striking the right balance is important

A rather contentious issue in the area of self defense is that of proper bullet weight/velocity – I would guess that this is second only to the “which caliber” or “which gun” question.  On one side is the idea that a lighter weight but faster moving bullet is superior, while others contend that a slower moving but heaver bullet is the better option.  This article addresses my thoughts on the issue:

Gun Rights Fit in With Liberal Ideals

Although anti gun rights laws are often associated with Democratic or liberal politicians, the idea of gun rights actually fit in with liberal values.

Oak Park, IL Cuts Police Protection and Keeps Handgun Ban as Armed Robberies Continue

The village of Oak Park, IL is one of only a few municipalities in the United States which still has a ban on the ownership of handguns for self defense, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling in D.C. v Heller.  In spite of the decades long handgun ban, there are weekly (and sometimes daily) armed robberies in Oak Park, along with the occasional shooting.  Oak Park is also short on cash, but has decided to become embroiled in a lengthy and … Continued

Washington State Concealed Carry Permits Up 43%

As reported, the number of concealed carry permit holders in Washington state is up 43% between 2003 and 2007, with more than a quarter million residents now carrying.  Despite the dire warnings issued by the anti gun rights lobby, Washington has not turned into a shooting gallery were people trade gunfire over parking spots: 

Gun Cleaning Solvent, Protectant, and Oil Review

The question of which gun cleaning solvent, protectant, and lubricant to use is one that comes rather often.  This article addresses my thoughts and recommendations insofar as gun solvents/oils/protectants are concerned:

Joe Biden’s Anti Gun Rights Record

Joe Biden, the running mate of Barack Obama, is one of the most anti gun rights politicians in Government, although Biden falsely tries to pass himself off as pro gun:

The “Minimum Needs” Gun Control Tactic

When discussing gun ownership rights and laws, I’ve heard some people argue in favor of magazine capacity restrictions, features of ordinary firearms, and limits on the number of guns one can own, (incorrectly) asserting that such restrictions won’t harm law abiding citizens.  I’ve previously discussed, from a technical standpoint, why such restrictions would not affect criminals, and would leave law abiding citizens confused about the law, and with guns that are less safe and less suitable for self defense.  This … Continued