Armed Loganville, GA Womans Saves Her Children From a Home Invader

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As reported, a Loganville, Georgia woman used her handgun to stop an intruder who broke in and pursued her and her children into the crawlspace.

Police say that at about 1:00pm, the woman was home in her Loganville, GA home with her 9 year old twins when she saw a strange man outside of a window. The man is said to have used a crowbar to break into the home, at which point the woman took her children and hid in the crawlspace – with a .38 revolver in hand. The intruder searched for the woman and her children, finding them in the crawlspace, at which point the woman fired in self defense, striking the intruder and enabling her and the children to escape, according to news reports. A suspect was taken into custody with serious injuries, and no injuries to the woman or her children were reported.

Every home invader is a potentially deadly threat to the occupants of a home. That is especially true in cases where the home invader seeks out the occupants, often with terrible plans for the women and children present.  Those who are unarmed are seldom in a position to defend themselves against the intruder, as those criminals who engage in such physical violence are often at the peak of their physical strength, and purposely choose physically weaker victims.  Calling the police is not a realistic solution, as the police are at best minutes away while it takes just seconds for a crime to be committed.  Complying with the criminal’s demands, even if it appears to “just” be a robbery, is similarly no guarantee of safety.

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Armed crime victims are in the best position possible to save themselves and their children.  Here, this armed mother was able to protect herself and her twins for a home invader.  This armed mother saved her daughter from a rapist, while this armed daughter saved her mother from a a violent home invader.  Similarly, this armed elderly woman held a burglar at gunpoint and made him call the police on himself, while this armed grandmother shot an intruder in self defense.  This armed woman shot a rapist who returned to rape her a second time, while this armed woman saved herself and her son from a daytime burglar.  The real-life examples of armed self defense and statistical evidence supporting the effectiveness of armed self defense are both clear – armed self defense works.

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