Armed Student Stops 5 Home Invaders

As reported, a Wright State University student used his gun to stop five intruders who broke in to the house he shares with a another room mate attending the same university.

Garrard County, KY Burglar Shot by Armed Homeowner

As reported, a Garrard County, Kentucky homeowner used his gun to stop a burglar. Police say that the homeowner returned to his house just after 4:00PM, to find a burglar.  Acting in self defense, the homeowner shot the burglar, causing him to flee, according to news reports. A suspect, reportedly suffering from a gunshot wound, was later apprehended and taken to a local hospital with injuries that were not life threatening. Those who are unarmed, or who are armed with an inferior … Continued

Armed Omaha, NE Husband Saves Wife from Violent Intruder

As reported, an Omaha, Nebraska homeowner used his gun to save his wife from a violent intruder. Police say that at about 11:30pm, an intruder pounded on the door of a home near 16th Street and Drexel Street in Omaha, NE.  The wife opened the door, and was attacked by the intruder, at which point the husband grabbed his gun and ordered the intruder to release his wife, according to news reports.  Acting in defense of his wife and himself, the armed … Continued

Armed House Guest Stops 2 Armed Home Invaders

As reported, a guest used his handgun to stop the two armed home invaders who knocked on the door and then rushed inside: Police say that just before 11:30PM, two home invaders armed themselves with a rifle and a pistol then went to a home on the 2800 block of Polk Street in Beaufort, SC.  The masked criminals reportedly knocked on the door, and when someone answered it, burst into the home.  A guest in the home grabbed his own … Continued