12 Year Old Child Shoots Violent Home Invader in Self Defense

A twelve year old child used a gun to stop a pair of armed robbers who had invaded a home and shot a 73 year old woman.

News reports say that shortly after midnight on February 13, 2021, police responded to an apartment in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Inside the apartment was a 73 year old woman who was suffering from a gunshot wound that was said to have been inflicted by a home invading robber. Police say that after the woman was shot, a 12 year old in the apartment grabbed and fired a gun, causing the intruders to flee. One suspected home invader was later found and arrested, while the other suspect died from his injuries. The 73 year old woman was treated and is expected to survive.

It is tragic that this 12 year old child had to suffer the trauma of a violent home invasion, and the further trauma of having to take a life in self defense. Neither I nor any other sane person sees this self defense shooting situation as something to celebrate. But that doesn’t detract from the fact that this 12 year old effectively used a gun to save themselves and an elderly lady. Armed self defense works.