Armed Homeowner Fatally Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

A Corpus Christi, Texas homeowner used his gun to stop a late-night home invader.

News reports say that at around midnight on May 11, 2020, a burglar forced his way into a home on the 700 block of Snug Harbor Drive. The homeowner, acting in self defense, shot the intruder and caused him to flee. A suspect who was suffering from a gunshot wound was found several blocks away and died from his injuries. No injuries to the homeowner were reported.

Once again, a home invasion has ended with the suspect dead and the homeowner unharmed, thanks to the fact that the homeowner was armed. Remember, home invasions are a deadly threat to the occupants of a home.  The criminals who commit such crimes often murdershootstabtorturekidnap, and permanently injure their victims.  The result is that the lives of law abiding, innocent people can be ended or ruined in an instant, all because of a criminal’s desire to make a quick dollar.  Thankfully, this homeowner was prepared.