Armed Disabled Woman Fatally Shoots Home Invader

A disabled Harras County, Texas woman used her gun to stop a pair of teenage home invaders.

News reports say that shortly before 3:00pm, a 17 year old and an 18 year old forced their way into the woman’s apartment by breaking a window and then reaching in to unlock a door.  The woman is said to have fired in self defense, fatally wounding one intruder and detaining the other.  Another suspect, who police believe was the getaway driver, was also found nearby.  Police say that the vehicle in question was believed to be the getaway car in other burglaries in the area.  No injuries to the disabled woman were reported.

Criminals often prey upon people who they see as easy targets.  When disabled crime victims are without a gun, criminals will often do terrible things to them as part of a robbery or just for the sake of being cruel.  A situation where no one has a gun is one where might makes right, and as a result the violent criminal (who is usually a young and strong male) will prevail.

When disabled crime victims are armed for self defense, the situation is different.  This elderly disabled veteran used his gun to stop a home invader, just as this this disabled senior citizen did as well.  This 93 year old man was able to defend himself with a gun, as was this 91 year old man.  Gun ownership by the most vulnerable members of society prevents them from becoming victims in their own homes.