Kearns, UT Burglar Fatally Shot by Armed Homeowner

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As reported, a homeowner shot one of the two men who were breaking into his home in the early morning hours:

Police say that a pair of burglars targeted a house near 5600 South and 5100 West in Kearns, Utah, by first ringing the doorbell to see if anyone was home, and then returning an hour and a half later to break in through a window and a sliding door.  The homeowner noticed the intruder who was entering through the sliding door and fired in self defense, causing both burglars to flee.  Police arrived and found one suspect, reportedly identified as 19 year old Kyle Stuart Poulton, dead next to the road from a gunshot wound.  Another suspect, an unidentified 18 year old, was also apprehended by police, and is alleged to have confessed to the burglary plot.  No injuries to the homeowner were reported.

Home invasion robberies are a deadly threat to homeowners and anyone else who happens to be inside the home.  Residents may be tortured, seriously harmed, and even killed by criminals – even they fully cooperate with the criminals’ demands.

Rather than being left at the (non-existent) mercy of criminals, armed citizens are in the best position possible to defend themselves.  Here, this homeowner used his gun to stop a pair of home invaders.  Similarly, this homeowner shot a burglar in self defense, while this man held a burglar at gunpoint until the police arrived.  As another example, this elderly woman used her gun to hold a burglar at gunpoint, while this armed motorist shot a carjacker in self defense.  As the statistics and real life examples show, armed self defense simply works.

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