85 Year Old Woman Holds Burglar at Gunpoint, Makes Him Call the Police

As Fox News reports, an 85 year old woman from Point Mariod, PA was at home when a burglar broke in to her home at about 3pm.  Leda Smith went to her bedroom, got her handgun, and held the 17 year old male intruder at gunpoint.  She then made him pick up the phone and call the police, who arrived and arrested him.

This is just one of the approximately 2.5 million times each year that Americans defend themselves with guns.  Here, an elderly lady was able to hold a home invader at bay while making him call the police on himself.  Guns truly are the great equalizer, allowing the elderly to stop a 17 year old male home invader.  I shudder to think what might have happened to this woman had she been defenseless, having seen the burglar’s face and being able to identify him.