Armed East Point, GA Homeowner Stops an Intruder

Published by the Author on January 5, 2014 at 7:57 pm > Gun Related News > Armed East Point, GA Homeowner Stops an Intruder

As reported, an East Point, Georgia homeowner used his gun to stop an intruder.

Police say that an intruder used a shovel to break in through the patio door of a suburban Atlanta home, while the homeowner was present.  Acting in self defense, the homeowner is said to have fired at the intruder, striking him once and ending the home invasion.  The body of a suspect, reportedly identified as Natavaious Willingham, was found on the scene, according to news reports.  No injuries to the homeowner or any other occupants were reported.

Home invasions are a deadly threat to the occupants of a home. The criminals who commit such crimes often murder, shoot, stab, torture, kidnap, and permanently injure their victims. The result is that the lives of law abiding, innocent people can be ended or ruined in an instant, all because of a criminal’s desire to make a quick buck.

By the time the police respond to a 911 call, the crime in question may very well have been completed. Even the best circumstances, the police are minutes away, while a shooting, rape, murder, robbery, home invasion, or other violent crime can take place in just seconds. Luckily, this homeowner had a gun for self defense, and as a result was able to save himself.  Remember, firearms are the best means of self defense yet invented by humanity, and enable crime victims from across the country to stop criminals every day, saving both themselves and future victims of that criminal.

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