Anti Gun Crusader Pat Regan Stabbed to Death

Pat Regan, who founded Mothers Against Violence was murdered with a knife today.

Pat Regan founded Mothers Against Violence after her son Danny was shot to death in 2002 (Danny has reportedly become involved in drug use, and is believed to have been killed in a drug dealing dispute.) Unfortunately, Pat Regan focused her pain and grief upon inanimate objects (guns) rather than the true cause of her son’s death (the intentional actions of a criminal). She then set out to disarm Brittan’s citizens with strict gun control laws.

I would like to express my sympathy to Pat Regan’s family. Any loss of life is tragic, but this murder is all the more saddening given the fact that she might have been able to defend herself, had she had a gun. Unfortunately, Pat Regan chose to blame guns for the death of her son and fight to disarm England’s law abiding citizens, including herself. Since only law abiding citizens obey laws, Pat was without a gun and unable to prevent her own murder, just as many women have been left defenseless in the wake of gun control.

After decades of failed gun control, it really should be apparent that criminals ignore laws — indeed that is what makes them criminals. They will ignore gun control laws just as they will ignore the laws against murder, rape, robbery, etc. Gun control laws are pointless and ineffective, serving only to leave law abiding citizens such as Pat Regan defenseless. Equally apparent is the fact that armed citizens can and do stop criminals every day, saving countless lives.