Gun Ownership Helps Protect Everyone – even those who don’t own a gun themselves

Gun Ownership Helps Protect Everyone – even those who don’t own a gun themselves, as explained below:

Gun Ownership Protects Gun Owners
A gun provides a special type of security to its owner. Rather than being dependent upon a 9-1-1 operator to not fall asleep, and the police to get there in time, gun owners have the ability to defend themselves and their families. With a gun, I know that if riots break out, I can defend my family much better than an unarmed person who will have to resort to throwing old shoes and books at the home invaders. The same is true for the looting and mayhem that seems to follow natural disasters, such as hurricane Katrina. I know that if a sociopath breaks into my home, my family and I will be in a good position to prevent him from inflicting unspeakable harm upon us. This is not just a hypothetical situation; every single day, lawfully armed Americans stop criminals.
A note: Anti gun groups will argue that this security is an illusion and cite “accidental” gun deaths. This is simply not correct, since following basic safety rules and storing guns safely will virtually eliminate such risks — just as some random person’s death due to his failure to wear a seatbelt doesn’t mean that cars are too risky for anyone to own them. Rather, it means that that person, unlike me, was negligent.

Gun Ownership Protect Non Gun Owners
Even those who don’t personally own a gun reap the benefits of gun ownership by law abiding citizens. Criminals, who will ignore gun control laws, know that some citizens will have a gun to defend themselves. The criminals won’t know exactly who has a gun, so they know that they are taking a risk whenever they set out to rape, rob, or murder someone.
Also, when a citizen stops a criminal using their gun, that criminal is either permanently stopped, or at least caught and jailed. Either way, the criminal is taken off the streets. The would-be future victims of the criminal are saved from the physical, emotional, and financial injury that comes from being victimized.

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Even if you don’t personally own a gun, the fact that your law abiding friends, family, or neighbors own guns can help keep you safe too. The law abiding gun owners in our society stop criminals every day, protecting themselves as well as the would-be future victims of those criminals. Furthermore, the fact that criminals don’t know who has a gun will cause some of them to think twice before attacking an innocent citizen. Since the criminals will ignore gun bans and commit their crimes anyway, it is in everyone’s best interest to have armed, law abiding citizens.