Guns Provide A Special Type of Security

Guns provide a special type of security that cannot be equaled by police protection. This is true even for people who live in relatively safe, affluent areas, and enjoy the services of a well funded and professional police department. Allow me to explain why.

The Police Almost Certainly Can’t Get To You Quickly Enough
Most anti-gun groups will say that we law abiding citizens should call the police when a home invader breaks in to our house at night. The problem with that suggestion is that even if you live right next door to the police station, it will take longer for the police to arrive than it will take the home invader to harm you or your family. And that assumes that you are even able to call the police before the criminal inflicts that harm. That is not to say that having a gun in your home means that you are immune from home invasions, but rather that you can at least have a good chance of effectively defending yourself and your family.

Living in a Good Neighborhood Only Helps So Much
It is true that living in a good (safe) neighborhood reduces your risks of facing a home invasion, assault, etc. However, the criminals who make their livings by committing home invasions and burglary know that the valuable properly is to be found in those same affluent and safe neighborhood. They know that the wealthy people who can afford to pay a kidnapper’s ransom live in the good neighborhoods, and that is where these criminals will then strike. One such example is that of the NBA player, whose home was invaded.

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Civil unrest, such as that experienced in Los Angeles in the 1990’s and Chicago in the 1960’s, are another reason that having a gun can provide you with a special and unmatched type of security. During these riots, the police are unavailable to provide assistance in time fashion. Having a gun in your home allows you to protect yourself and your family during these difficult times, while those without guns will be left in an unenviable situation. Again, it is not suggested that having a gun will make you and your family immune from riot related violence. However, even rioters will be intelligent enough to stay away from the gun owners house, and to prey upon easier targets, such as victims without guns.

Natural Disasters
In the aftermath of natural disasters, police protection and even basic need such as food and water can be limited or not existent. This can lead to civil unrest and horrible crimes, such as happened after Hurricane Katrina. Having a gun in those situations can mean the difference between defending yourself and your family, or being another crime victim.

As discussed above, having a gun provides an unmatched type of security from crime, riots, and natural disasters, among other things. Even living in a good and safe neighborhood will not provide this same security, given the amount of time that it takes for the police to respond.  That is why I belive in firearm ownership (especially home defense shotguns), regardless of where one lives.