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I’ve noticed that some people tend to buy into the propaganda released by the anti-gun groups or those who just seem to not know any better, and believe that gun owners are uneducated and violence prone. This is plainly untrue, so I thought I would give some of my biographical and demographical information:

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My name is Eric Puryear.  I’m an African American male who was born in the mid 1980’s, and I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, IL.  I live in the Quad Cities (about 150 miles West of Chicago, near the IL/IA border). I’m an Attorney at Law (licensed in IL an IA), who holds a Bachelor of Science  in Computer Science. Jessie Jackson certainly does not speak for me. I currently work as a lawyer, but have worked for software firms before beginning my career in the legal field. I am law abiding, peaceable, and generally a soft spoken person. I own multiple firearms, including my favorites which are pump action shotguns. I enjoy firearms, but they are not my primary hobby. I grew up in a family that was ardently opposed to guns, and it was not until I was about 22 years old that I really began to think about guns rights as a good thing.

In short, I don’t fit the inaccurate stereotype of gun owners that is portrayed with depressing regularity. Neither do these gun owners, or countless others. I have also found that the gun owners I have met in Chicago area or Iowa gun stores and shooting ranges are just as racially tolerant as any other people, despite that anti-gun-owner stereotype too.

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If you wish to contact me, you my email address can be found here.  Please note that I do not provide online legal advice, for the reasons discussed here.

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