IL Supreme Court Tells Appellate Court to Reconsider “Assault Weapon” Ban Lawsuit

Back in 2006, Cook County, IL (which includes Chicago and its surrounding suburbs) enacted a ban on s0-called “assault weapons“.  This ban is both vague and ambiguous, unreasonably restricting the right to keep and bear arms, while also making it difficult to impossible for gun owners to know what exactly they may lawfully own. The Illinois State Rifle Association sued, and the Illinois Supreme Court recently ruled that this case needs to be reconsidered, in light of the pro-gun-rights US … Continued

A Word from Otis McDonald

Below is a video clip by Otis McDonald, the plaintiff in the McDonald v. Chicago case which led to the end of the Chicago handgun ban.  In this video clip, he discusses gun rights, the upcoming election, the McDonald v. Chicago case, and more. He also endorses Bill Brady for IL Governor:

Boycott AON Insurance Corporation for its Anti-Gun Fundraising

AON, a large insurance corporation, is holding a fundraiser for the Brady Campaign, which is the nation’s largest anti-group.  This fundraiser will take place on October 4, 2010 in a club located in AON’s headquarter’s building in downtown Chicago.  I find it sad that AON is using its corporate resources to undermine our constitutional right to gun ownership and advance the interests of a group such as the Brady Campaign.  I, for one, will speak with my wallet, and see … Continued

Chicago Teen Robbed and Severely Beaten in Front of a Police Camera

As reported, Thomas Insley – a 16 year old Chicago resident – was walking home from the magnate highschool which he attends, when he was attacked by up to 4 assailants.  Insley was placed in a choke hold and beaten by the robbers, who stole his iPod and $20 in his wallet, before fleeing.  Insley was rendered unconscious, suffered a broken nose, had multiple teeth

Concealed Carry Holsters for Women Video Clip

I’ve had several women ask me for advice insofar as concealed carry holster options are concerned.  As a male, I can’t give first-hand advice as far as holsters and women’s clothing are concerned.  However, I can highly recommend the video clip show below, in which a woman discusses and demonstrates a variety of concealed carry (and open carry) holsters:

Attend the 2010 Second Amendment Freedom Rally in Chicago

Below is information about the 2010 Second Amendment Freedom Rally, which will take place on Friday, July 9, 2010 in Chicago.  While I will sadly be unable to make it to Chicago for this event, I would encourage everyone in the area to attend.

The McDonald v. Chicago Decision is Just Hours Away

UPDATE: MCDONALD V. CHICAGO HAS BEEN DECIDED, AND IT IS A VICTORY FOR GUN RIGHTS! MORE INFORMATION HERE In a matter of hours, the United States Supreme Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of the Chicago handgun ban.  Hopefully, the Court will find the handgun ban to a violation of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, ending the ability of state and local governments to infringe the right to keep and bear arms with impunity.  Once … Continued

Carjacking and Armed Robbery Continues in “Gun Free” Oak Park, IL

As I’ve mentioned before, Oak Park, IL has a handgun ban, which its politicians like to believe renders the village “gun free.” However, as the crime reports for last week demonstrate, Oak Park is far from “gun free.”  Instead, Oak Park’s handgun ban just ensures that the law abiding members of society are disarmed and vulnerable to the still-armed criminals:

More Chicago Injustice

A pair of home invasions, which both recently took place on the South Side of Chicago, highlight the injustice (and ineffectiveness) of the Chicago handgun ban.

Convicted Felon with Over 150 Arrests Allegedly Tries to Rob Chicago Woman

As reported, a convicted felon who has been arrested over 150 times in his life allegedly tried to rob a woman on a CTA Red Line train: At approximately 7 p.m. Monday, the 35-year-old victim was riding a northbound Red Line train, police said. When the train stopped at the Clark and Division station and the doors opened, Keith Anderson grabbed the victim by her clothing and attempted to take her briefcase, a release from police said. The victim was … Continued

McDonald v. Chicago Oral Aguments Today

Oral arguments in the McDonald v. Chicago case are scheduled to begin shortly, with a decision in the next few months.  This case, which will determine whether the 2nd Amendment prevents state and local governments from violating the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, is right up there with D.C. v. Heller in terms of importance to our gun rights.  Hopefully, this case will be decided in a favorable way, finally putting an end to the injustice of … Continued

Oak Park, IL Armed Robberies Continue – despite the handgun ban

As I’ve mentioned many times before, Oak Park, IL still has a handgun ban.  Oak Park decided to keep that ineffective and likely unconstitutional law on the books, even as other Chicago suburbs such as Evanston, Morton Grove, Wilmette, and Winnetka wisely repealed their handgun bans in 2008. As crime reports for this last week show, the Oak Park handgun ban is continuing to infringe the rights of law abiding citizens, while failing to stop the armed robbers who prey … Continued

Oral Arguments Date Set for McDonald v. City of Chicago

As reported, the Supreme Court has scheduled the McDonald v. Chicago oral arguments for March 2, 2010. This case will determine whether the Chicago handgun ban is an unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Court will likely release its decision in late June or early July.

Robbery versus Theft: A Followup Discussion with Bill Dwyer

I’ve previously discussed how robbery is a violent crime against the victims person, and that this violence makes robbery far more serious than theft.  A couple weeks ago, I discussed the fact that Oak Park’s handgun ban doesn’t stop armed robbers from having a gun, but instead only ensures that law abiding Oak Park residents are deprived of the right to own a handgun for self defense.  I mentioned

Oak Park, IL Armed Robberies Continue – despite the handgun ban

For a while, it was a weekly tradition for me to discuss the armed robberies and other gun-related crimes that plague Oak Park, IL (a suburb of Chicago that has a longstanding handgun ban.)  After I moved out of the Chicago area, I stopped writing about Oak Park’s ineffective handgun on a weekly basis.  But, as I said when I moved, gun rights for the residents of the Chicagoland area remain a goal of mine.  With that preamble out of … Continued

Opposing a Good Cause for a Misguided Reason

Earlier this month, a pink Smith & Wesson M&P pistol (which was customized to the specifications of chamion competitive shooter Julie Goloski Golob) was auctioned on by the seller Donna’s Store (donnasstore).  The seller of this pistol pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds to a breast cancer awareness charity.  Rather than acknowledging the commendable philanthropic effort on the part of the seller, and the benefit of arming more women for self defense, the Center for Media and … Continued

Burglar Steals Handgun from Chicago Police Deputy Superintendent’s Home

A daytime burglar reportedly broke in to the Chicago home of Steve Peterson, the third highest ranking member of the Chicago police department, and stealing a .375 magnum revolver, a 50″ plasma television, and other items.  The news report states that an unnamed police official said that the burglars may not have realized it was a cop’s home, and that the home owner “may have the full weight of the law behind him ready to track them down.” My thoughts … Continued

Supreme Court to Hear Chicago Handgun Ban Case (McDonald v. Chicago)!

The United States Supreme Court has decided to hear the McDonald v. Chicago case, which will decide whether the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms applies against state and local government, the same way it applies against the Federal government.  An NRA press release which provides more information is quoted below:

Chicago Cops able to Defend Themselves – Ordinary Citizens not so Fortunate

Chicago is a city of double standards when it comes to gun rights.  While ordinary citizens are deprived of the right to own a handgun for self defense, influential politicians exempt themselves from that ban.  Other politicians are also provided around the clock bodyguards at taxpayer expense, even when there is no threat to that politician’s safety.  Chicago cops are also allowed to carry a gun for self defense while off duty, but ordinary Chicago residents are denied the same … Continued

Another Meritless Anti Self Defense Argument (that is all to common in Chicago)

Criminals in Chicago violate the ineffective and misguided handgun ban on a daily basis.  Often times, those criminals are aiming for a rival gang member or other criminal, but end up shooting an innocent child.  That appears to be what happened Saturday afternoon at a South Side block party, where a 2 year old child was shot by a criminal.  One of the anti gun readers of the news website where the shooting was reported had the following to say, … Continued

I’m Sitting for the Bar Exam: No More Posts this Week

I’m taking the Illinois bar exam Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, so I won’t be posting anything new until Monday, August 3rd.  I’ll also be unable to moderate comments or answer emails during this time.  But rest assured, any comments/emails will be attended to upon my return.

Bakery Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a convicted felon was shot by a bakery owner after the felon allegedly robbed the bakery and threatened the employees’ lives.  Police say that 29 year old Demitrius Newbill, of the 500 block of Poplar Street, entered the Pasteleria Panaderia Bakery on the 700 block of Yeoman Street yesterday at about 8:15 PM.  Newbill is then alleged to have asked the bakery owner for a pencil and paper, on which he wrote a demand note claiming to have … Continued

Armed Robberies and a Case of Self Defense in Oak Park, IL

Over the last year, I’ve discussed dozens of armed robberies in Oak Park, where criminals ignore the handgun ban and prey on disarmed victims.  The last week was sadly no different, although I am happy to report that there was a case of self defense.

Second Amendment Freedom Rally Tomorrow in Chicago!

Below is an announcement from the ISRA, about the Second Amendment Freedom Rally.  It takes place Friday, June 26,2009 in downtown Chicago.  I really encourage everyone to attend.  Sadly, I won’t be there, since I now live in Iowa and can’t take the day off from work.

Help Launch Illinois’ Newest Gun Rights Group

The Illinois State Rifle Association has released the action alert shown below, encouraging those who support gun rights to help out a brand new political action committee (PAC).  The mission of this PAC is to “elect those who support the 2nd Amendment, and work even harder to un-elect those who do not.” I encourage everyone, whether you live in the state of Illinois or not, to help out.

A Particularly Evil Armed Robbery in Oak Park

The “gun free” village of Oak Park, IL has seen plenty of armed robberies, as criminals laugh at the decades-old handgun ban.  Most of these robberies involve criminals threatening the lives of innocent people, while taking their money or car.  However during a recent robbery, the armed criminal took something much more precious:

Chicago Gun Control Continues to Fail: 8 People Shot in 80 Minutes

It is no secret that Chicago is a violence-plagued city, that takes turns with the District of Columbia as America’s “murder capitol.”  It is also no secret that Chicago’s handgun ban fails to disarm criminals, while serving only to ensure that crime victims are defenseless.  A recent series of shootings in Chicago underscores this point:

“Gun Free” Oak Park: 3 Armed Robberies in 3 Days

For quite a while, I wrote weekly articles about the “gun free” village of Oak Park, IL, which still has a handgun ban that criminals routinely ignore as they commit armed robberies and shootings.  Over the last month or so, I haven’t mentioned Oak Park very often, simply because I had more interesting matters to write about, and limited time to spend blogging. However, as a recent article from the Chicago Tribune shows, the robberies have continued:

A Sad Chicago Murder Showing the Need for Concealed Carry and the Ineffectiveness of Gun Control

Michael Norton was a 55 year old man, who ran a convenience store on Chicago’s West side.  He ran the store for about 35 years, and was a fixture in the neighborhood. He was known for helping his tenants and others in the neighborhood. He sponsored some of them at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and was well liked. Back in 1991, a pair of armed criminals threatened his life and tried to rob his store.  Norton fatally shot one robber in … Continued

Attend the McDonald v. Chicago Oral Argument on May 26, 2009

In the  D.C. v. Heller case, the Supreme Court struck down the ban on handguns in the District of Columbia, as that ban violated the Second Amendment.  One of the issues left unresolved in that case was whether the Second Amendment applied against state and local governments, or just the federal government.  The McDonald v. Chicago case may answer that question with respect to the Chicago and Oak Park handgun bans.

Second Amendment Forum in Wheaton, IL on Tuesday

Below is an action alert from the ISRA, discussing a Second Amendment forum which will take place in Wheaton, IL on Tuesday, May 5th 2009 at 7:00PM.   This open forum is being sponsored by pro gun rights organizers, in response to a recent anti gun forum in Wheaton, where only those opposed to gun rights were able to speak.

This Saturday: Tell an Anti Gun IL Republican to Support Gun Rights

Mark Kirk, a republican congressman from IL, want to be either the next governor or senator for the state of Illinois.  He is quite anti gun, having recently sponsored legislation to bring back the federal ban on so-called “assault weapons.”  As the ISRA notes, on Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 2:00pm, Mark Kirk is holding a townhall meeting in Palatine, IL to discuss “gang violence in the suburbs.”  This is a great opportunity to make sure that Mark Kirk hears … Continued