Concealed Carry Holsters for Women Video Clip

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I’ve had several women ask me for advice insofar as concealed carry holster options are concerned.  As a male, I can’t give first-hand advice as far as holsters and women’s clothing are concerned.  However, I can highly recommend the video clip show below, in which a woman discusses and demonstrates a variety of concealed carry (and open carry) holsters:

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  • Bob

    Good video. My spouse absolutely got interested about the thigh rig, who is the manufacturer?



    • The LearnAboutGuns.c


      I'm not sure as to the manufacturer, but the author of that video clip might be able to tell you if you leave a comment on YouTube:

  • Falia

    The thigh manufacturer was Clament Custom Leather (in Nevada).


      Thanks for that info, and great job on the video clip!

  • Falia

    Just wanted to let you know that I deleted that video and have uploaded a newer revised version: