Politician Wants to Ban Barrel Shrouds But Doesn’t Know What They Are Video Clip

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on August 4, 2008 at 10:11 am
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In this video clip, Congresswoman McCarthy went on TV to argue in favor of gun control, but didn’t even know what the so called “assault weapon” feature she wanted to ban looks like or does.  When asked what a barrel shroud did, she first dodged the question, then incorrectly stated that criminals frequently use weapons with such a feature, then made a wrong guess as to what a barrel shroud does and where it goes on a gun.  It is simply ridiculous, ignorant, and embarrassing to have strong opinions about guns (or any other issue) unless one is familiar with the issue.  It is even worse to be a member of congress who introduces legislation to ban an object, without even knowing what the object is or does.

For the record, a barrel shroud is a safety feature that encloses the barrel of a gun with a perforated metal or plastic guard, which prevents the user from being burned by the hot barrel.  It can also help prevent a gun case from being melted by a hot barrel (although it is best not to place a hot gun in a case right away).

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  • Josh

    I like two things about this clip. The first thing is that reporter actually doses his job doesn’t let her change the subject. He presses her until she finally has to admit she has no idea what she trying to ban. The second thing is that it shows that the anti gun movement largely depends on the general ignorance the average person has about guns to get public support. As soon has they are questioned/debated by someone who knows what they are talking about their arguments fall completely apart.

  • http://fucema.net Lee

    Really, the barrel shroud subject is about discrimination against gun owners. That's the bottomline. It's no different in my opinion then the old marijuana tax stamps, or the "junk gun" laws mentioned on this site that were used to discriminate against minorities.

    I think this is a great website with loads of informative and researched opinions and facts. Keep up the great work and the awesome content.

  • BasinBictory

    What's a barrel shroud? LOL – I love it when a reporter has enough cajones to actually challenge ignorance and expose it. Too often, liberal-minded reporters and media people toss softball questions to liberal politicians, or basically agree with them.

  • Anders

    Not only does she not know what a barrel shroud is. Later on in the interview she discusses a ban on large capacity "clips". I clip is an aid to load rounds into either an internal or external magazine. The correct term is "magazine". Total ignorance!