British Police Bust of Gun Smugglers Shows Ineffectiveness of Gun Control Laws

As the Times Online reports, a British based gun smuggling ring was busted, and its leaders were sentenced to long prison terms.  The operation was reportedly run by Madasser Ali, Agnius Malcevas, and his brother Edgaras Malcevas.   Although this is being heralded as a victory in the war against “gun crime,” it should instead be seen as sobering proof that gun control just won’t work.  Allow me to explain:

Criminals will continue to ignore gun laws, which means only the law abiding citizens are disarmed
The UK has seen a steep rise in violent crime, ranging from the shooting of bike riders to the stabbing and murder of anti-gun crusader Pat Regan, despite the strict gun control laws.  This should come as no surprise, since a criminal who is willing to commit murder or robbery is also willing to to violate the gun control laws.  Instead of stopping criminals from having guns, gun control laws only disarm the law abiding citizens, who weren’t going to misuse guns in the first place.  Making matters worse, the profits from suppling guns now goes to the criminal gangs, making them even more powerful.

When one gun smuggling ring is bused, another will simply pop up to replace it
Over the years, many gun smugglers have been jailed, however the supply of illegal guns has not gone down.  Instead, when one gun smuggling ring is busted, another pops up to take its place.  This should come as no surprise, since the same thing can be seen with drug smuggling, or alcohol smuggling during prohibition.

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More and more UK citizens are recognizing that gun control laws just don’t work.  One such citizen, Graham Showell, has created a petition to restore the gun rights of law abiding British Citizens.