News Flash: Criminals Ignore Laws (including gun control laws)

Throughout this site I have pointed out the many problems with gun control. Those problems include the fact that criminals don’t obey laws (including gun control laws), and that failure to obey laws is what makes them criminals. Given the number of people still reaching this site after searching for “reasons to support gun control”, I thought I would further explain why gun control laws won’t prevent crime any better than the laws against murder and other crimes.

Criminals disobey laws
Criminals don’t abide by the laws of our society. Instead, they violate the laws for their own personal gain. It is this very fact that makes them criminals. This should be obvious, but since it is a necessary part of the reasoning I use below, I included it for the sake of completeness.

Gun control is just another law for criminals to disobey
It boggles my mind to see people call for gun control in the wake of a murder. It is especially ridiculous in places like Chicago, which already have an outright ban on handguns, but still have at least 1 handgun shooting every day, and sometimes over 30 in a weekend. Gun control laws are just like any other law, in that people can choose to obey or disobey. A criminal who disobeys the law against murder, which is arguably the most strictly enforced law in our society, is not going to think twice about ignoring a gun ban law.
Some people will then argue that by banning guns all together, we will somehow keep the guns out of the hands of criminals, preventing them from having the guns at all. This reasoning is faulty. Criminals manage to smuggle in millions upon millions of pounds of illegal drugs, and thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants each year. They can (and do) smuggle in guns right along with the drugs and illegal immigrants. There are also hundreds of millions of guns in the country already. Finally, criminals can and do make guns, since it is not that difficult to make a gun that will work for their purposes. These home made guns (called “zip guns”) may not equal the quality of a fine Springfield 1911 or XD, but they will still kill, as will criminals without guns.

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Gun possession charges don’t scare criminals
That same criminal who is willing to face the severe penalties for murder and other felonies is not going to be deterred by a misdemeanor or petty offense gun possession charge. Using Chicago‘s handgun ban as an example, what criminal would be willing to risk life in prison for murder, but is afraid of a misdemeanor gun charge that only carries up to a year in prison? Even laws with harsher penalties for gun possession won’t deter criminals, since the crime they are committing while using the gun (such as murder, rape, robbery, carjacking, etc) will all have higher penalties already.

Law abiding citizens obey gun control laws and are left vulnerable as a result
The people who will obey the gun bans are the law abiding citizens, who wouldn’t commit crimes in the first place. Such people are the students at universities, the shoppers at malls, and the other good people in society who die in “gun free zones“. They obey the gun bans because they believe in laws, and because they don’t want a criminal conviction on their record. The problem is that these are the very people who we would want to have guns, since they could help stop criminals and otherwise protected themselves and the rest of society.

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I hope this makes the fundamental problem with passing gun control laws clear.