Female Carjacker Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a man left his doctor’s office and went to a Tucson, AZ Walgreens pharmacy drive-through.  Two female carjackers, one armed with a handgun, approach the man and threatened his life.  The woman tried to shoot the man, but her gun failed to fire.  The man fired two shots, grazing the carjacker’s head, and also striking her shoulder.  The would-be carjacker fell to the ground with non-life-threatening injuries, and the man grabbed her gun.  Police apprehended both suspects.

As I’ve said many times before, criminals can be quite viscous.  Here, this woman was ready to kill this innocent man in order to take his car, and was only stopped because of her gun’s failure an her victim’s quick action.  Luckily, this man was armed, and will go home unharmed.  The would-be carjacker will go to jail, where she wil be unable to try and murder more innocent people.