British Gun Control is Ineffective and Leaves Law Abiding Citizens Vulnerable

As the Times Online reports, there were two teenagers shoot in London today, despite the near total ban on guns of any type that the UK government has forced upon its law abiding citizens.

Both of the victims were 17 year old males, who are both in critical condition after being shot in separate events. This follows another shooting of a teenager the previous day in Camden, North London.

This is just more evidence of the fact that criminals will ignore gun bans just as they ignore the laws against murder. Instead, only the law abiding citizens will follow the ban, leaving them vulnerable to attack by criminals. There was once a time when criminals in London would reasonably fear that a would-be robbery victim would defend himself or herself with a firearm, but that day has passed. Now the criminals can look forward to defenseless victims, and police who are less skillful with firearms than the criminals.