Barber Shop Customers Shoot Robber in Self Defense

Published by the Author on January 25, 2016 at 1:16 am > Gun Related News > Barber Shop Customers Shoot Robber in Self Defense

As reported, two patrons of a barber shop in Columbia, South Carolina used their guns to stop a pair of masked robbers.

Police say that two armed robbers whose faces were concealed with masks entered the Next Up barber shop just before 7:00pm, at a time when multiple employees and customers (including children) were present.  As the robbers threatened those present and demanded money, two customers of the barber shop who were lawful concealed carry permit holders reportedly drew their guns and fired on the robbers.  Both robber fled, with one collapsing and dying outside of the barber shop, according to news reports.  Police are seeking the second suspect, who may have been shot as well, and no injuries to any employees or patrons of the barber shop were reported.

Once again, concealed carry has allowed law abiding citizens to defend themselves and others against violent attackers.  Instead of being shot for not having enough money, or shot just because the criminal felt like being cruel, these armed citizens protected themselves and everyone present.  Concealed carry works.

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