My Latest Firearm: A Rock River Arms AR-15

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I recently purchased a Rock River Arms AR-15.  To be specific, this model :)One of the gun stores near my new home in Iowa recently got a shipment of 10 Rock River Arms AR-15s, after having been completely out for quite a while.  I came in to the store last week, and they had 4 left.  After waffling for a while, I went back to the store and bought one of the last AR-15s, just in time.  It turned out to be a productive trip, since they had just gotten ammo in the day before, so I was also able to buy 100 rounds of .40 S&W, plus 200 rounds of .223 ammo.

After my fiancé I and had fired a few dozen rounds, I asked her whether firing a so-called “assault weapon” felt any different than firing my .22 rifle, shotgun, or pistol.  She laughed and said no.  I inquired whether holding that firearm transformed her from a law abiding citizen to a violent criminal, and she answered that question in the negative as well.  This would surely come as a surprise to someone like Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, since my AR-15 has all of the “scary” features that she has tried to ban as being dangerous, despite the fact that Rep. McCarthy can’t identify or describe those features.

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  • dm60462

    That's exactly the rifle I've had on my "wish list" for a year. Home repairs keep getting in the way… for now. Some day, RRA, some day… Now, I'm off to spend the paycheck at Lowe's – again.

  • James

    Nice! Why did you pick the M4 over the mid-length gas system? I have a Stag M4 with a 14.5" + permanent flash hider and a mid-length RRA LAR-15 A4. The mid length is considerably heavier but more accurate, especially beyond 200 yards. My Stag M4 is much easier to haul around on long hunting hikes though. Post some pictures when you get a chance!