Bakery Robber Fatally Shot in Self Defense

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As reported, an robber entered the Cinderella Bakery in San Antonio, Texas, threatening the life of the owner.  The owner’s son heard the owner scream, and he came from the back of the Bakery with a gun.  The owner’s son shot the robber at least twice, and the robber took off running.  Police were called, and conducted a search for the robber.  They found the criminal a few blocks away, and called for an ambulance.  The robber died shortly thereafter in a local hospital.  None of the innocent people were harmed, and the bakery owner’s son is not expect to face any charges.

As someone whose fiancé works in a bakery, I have a particular dislike of bakery robbers.  I’m therefore especially glad that this man was able to defend himself and his parent from the violent robber, and that neither of them were injured.

Contrast this robbery attempt with the January 27, 2009 robbery of a Cleveland bakery, and the importance of armed self defense is clear.  In that Cleveland bakery robbery, the armed criminal entered while the bakery owner’s wife was running the bakery. The criminal demanded that she open the safe and give him large amounts of money. The woman truthfully responded that there was no safe, and that only small amounts of cash were on hand.  Enraged, the robber pistol whipped the woman, shot her in the shoulder, and then fled.  Had she been armed, she might have been able to defend herself, just as this San Antonio bakery worker was able to do.

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