As I previously mentioned, I took a break from updating LearnAboutGuns.com to focus on starting my law firm.  I am happy to say that business is booming, and I now employ two attorneys and three paralegals. I’m also happy to announce that my wife also gave birth to our first child (Lily), and both mother and baby are doing great.  All in all, it has been the busiest (and best) several months of my life.

With that said, I have not done a good job of updating LearnAboutGuns.com.  I had hoped to resume regular posting a few months back, but failed to do so after about a week.  So as not to risk sounding like a broken record, I will refrain from promising regular updates at this time.  Instead, I will just reaffirm that I have not forgotten about this website, remain committed to gun rights, and plan to post more often :)

My thanks to everyone who has stuck around and still visits despite my absence!