NRA Wins Against Illegal San Francisco Public Housing Gun Ban

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As reported, the NRA has prevailed over the San Francisco Housing Authority’s illegal ban on gun ownership for those living in public housing.  Previously, San Francisco Housing Authority had a lease provision banning guns in the public housing residences, but has agreed to remove the provisions and admit that such provisions are not lawful, in order to settle the lawsuit filed by the NRA.

First, the restoration of public housing residents’ gun rights is a good thing.  Public housing tends to be one of the more dangerous places that an individual can live.  This means that the law abiding people in public housing are often surrounded by a higher-than-normal number of violent criminals and gang members, who won’t obey a gun ban anyway.  As a result, banning guns in public housing leads to a situation where the most violent and least law abiding people are still armed, while their law abiding victims are defenseless.

Secondly, I would like to point something out for those people who still entertain the utterly untrue and thoroughly disproven idea that the NRA is a racist group that is hostile towards ethnic minorities:  Taking a look at the San Fransisco Housing Authority’s demographics, we can see that African Americans make up a full 41.6% of the public housing residents, followed by Asians at 26.8%.  Indeed, only 10.6% of the public housing residents are Caucasian, yet the NRA has spent time and money fighting for the gun rights of public housing residents that are predominantly minorities.  That doesn’t sound like the action a racist organization would take – but instead what the nations oldest civil rights group would do.  And this is yet another reason that I’m proud to be an African American member of the NRA, just like many other African American NRA members.

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  • Jamie

    My Mother remembers listening to KGO or some other Northern California Bay Area radio station back in the 1980’s, and hearing the police having to tell those living in San Francisco that they weren’t allowed to fire upon home intruders.

    I’m trying to find some sort of proof of this conversation. Oh, I believe my Mom, but someone very annoying keeps refutting her.

    Do you know about this incident, and can you give me a website to look for this information?

    Thanks a bunch. :)