Contact the Orange County Elected Officials to End Concealed Carry Permit Abuse

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The United States Concealed Carry Association has provided contact information for various Orange County officials, so that law abiding citizens can contact them and voice their concern about the Orange Country concealed carry permit abuse situation:

Background on the Orange County concealed carry permit abuse

California is a “may issue” state when it comes to concealed carry, which means that the county sheriff has broad discretion in decided whether to issue or revoke a concealed carry permit.  The problem with such a “may issue” concealed carry permit system is that the sheriff can abuse their power and arbitrarily deny law abiding citizens the right to carry a gun for self defense.  That is exactly what is happening in Orange County, CA, under Sheriff Sandra Hutchens:

After Sandra Hutchens became Orange County Sheriff, she promptly announced that she was reviewing all the existing concealed carry permits, and would revoke the permits of those who could not show “good cause” to keep their permits.  Her definition of “good cause” is rather hard to meet, and showing that one is generally concerned about armed robbery, rape, murder, or the other violent crime that plagues society is not enough.  Instead, Hutchens insists that those wishing to have a concealed carry permit must be able to show a particular danger to themselves before Hutchens is willing to even consider issuing them a permit.  Sheriff Hutchens, of course, is able to carry her handgun while off duty – even if she can’t point to a particular threat to her safety.

It has also been revealed though the release of public records that Hutchens’ department  has contempt for law abiding citizens who peacefully and respectfully voiced their concerns at a Board of Supervisors meeting.  Hutchens’ staff referred to these citizens as “idiots,” stated that the “temperature of their coffee” is more important than the citizens’ viewpoints, and otherwise mocked the discussion.

Contact information for Orange County officials

Chair of the Board Bates
She cast the deciding vote that got Mrs. Hutchens appointed. It is hard to tell from her current actions whether or not her interest in the CCW issue is of genuine concern for her constituents or damage control to secure her own political future. She may need a reminder that her deciding vote will now potentially put people’s lives in danger.

Supervisor Nguyen
She initially voted for Mrs. Hutchens. However, since she was one of the two Supervisors that an OCSD investigator tried to spy on, she is now one of the most outspoken critics of Hutchens CCW policy.

Supervisor Moorlach
He voted for Hutchens and continues to support her. His criticism is a “for-the-record-statement” that he disagrees. There is no genuine drive behind it to keep his constituents safe. In my opinion he is a detached career politician who will only care about this issue if his re-election was in danger. He definitely needs to be reminded, t hat he is supporting a person who is willing to put innocent lives on the line for her own political power play.

Supervisor Campbell
He is rather quiet on the CCW-issue. He pointed out however, that Mrs. Hutchens did not answer his question regarding her stand on CCWs to the fullest extend.

Supervisor Norby
Chris Norby is the most outspoken supporter for permit holders on the board. We need to let him know that we appreciate his efforts. An OCSD investigator rewarded the criticism against Mrs. Hutchens with an attempt to spy on him via security cameras.

S. Hutchens – Appointed to carry out the position as Sheriff for the remainder of the current term.

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