911 Fails to Answer – Armed Son-In-Law Saves Woman from Home Invader

As reported, a woman who lives just west of Fort Worth in Texas heard an intruder enter her home during the night.  She called 911 several times, but go not answer.  She then called her daughter, who, along with her armed husband, raced to the woman’s home.  The woman’s armed son-in-law was able to hold the home invader at gunpoint and save his mother-in-law.  After renewed and repeated attempts at calling 911, the family was finally able to get through to police and have them come arrest the home invader.

Delays in getting help from a 911 operator are not uncommon.  Sometimes they fall asleep, and other times they fail to dispatch police for 14 hours.  Other times, it is possible to get through to 911, only to have the police not do anything until after it is too late.  Even under the best circumstances, the police are minutes away when seconds count, and when they do arrive, there is added danger that they may shoot the wrong person.

This is why gun ownership is so vital.  Guns allow law abiding citizens to stop home invaders, racist attackers, robbers, terrorists, rapists, and every other type of criminal that comes to prey on innocent victims.

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Gun control, on the other hand, leads to a situation where the criminal is still armed, as criminals by definition don’t obey the law.  Even in situations where neither the criminal nor the victim have a gun, the criminal is often able to overpower the victim, as violent criminals tend to be young males who can physically overpower many women, the disabled, the elderly, etc.  The same is true when multiple criminals attack one victim, as few people can fight off two or more attackers who act in concert.  Remember, criminals like gun control, as armed citizens are their biggest fear.