Another Terrorist Attack Stopped by an Armed Citizen

Published by the Author on March 5, 2009 at 3:50 pm > Gun Related News > Another Terrorist Attack Stopped by an Armed Citizen

As reported, a terrorist in Israel used a construction vehicle to ram a bus and a police car, injuring multiple people.  The police car was then flipped over by the terrorist, who proceeded to try and crush car with the construction vehicle’s front shovel.  Luckily, an armed taxi driver was able to draw his pistol and fire four shots, which wounded the terrorist before he could kill the cops.  A police officer later appeared and fatally shot the terrorist with an M-16.

Attacks by terrorists who use everyday tools such as construction equipment are sadly nothing new in Israel.  However they are often stopped by armed citizens, just as this attack, and a similar attack from last summer, were both ended.  Civilian gun ownership has a proven track record of stopping terrorism, while unarmed citizens are massacred when criminals, terrorists, or the mentally ill go on a rampage.

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