Chicago Man Shot for Not Having Money to Give to Armed Robber

Published by the Author on March 6, 2009 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Chicago Man Shot for Not Having Money to Give to Armed Robber

As reported, a Chicago man was shot in the thigh after an armed robber was angered by his lack of money. At 10:30PM on Wednesday, a 30 year old man was walking to a friend’s house on the 6200 block of South Francisco Avenue when an armed robber came up behind him and demanded money. The man replied that he had no money, at which point the gunman shot him in the back of his right thigh and then fled.

This type of situation, where a criminal gets violent upon learning that the victim has nothing of value, is not uncommon.  This bakery owner’s wife, this homeowner, and this deli owner were all shot by criminals who became disappointed and violent upon learning that their victims had little or no money to hand over.  Indeed, even having money is no guarantee that the criminal won’t open fire just for fun, as this woman sadly learned.

Fighting back against robbers, on the other hand, can be quite effective as a means of reducing the risk of injury.  This pregnant woman used a gun to defend herself, her unborn child, her toddler, and her husband from an armed robber. This armed barber shot an armed criminal who threatened him and his son, saving their lives.  This armed pet shop clerk shot an armed robber who threatened a fellow employee’s life, as well as his own life, preventing them both from being stabbed.  This armed pizza delivery man defended himself against 3 armed robbers, and walked away unharmed.  This armed citizen stopped a bank robber, while this armed Israeli citizen stopped a terrorist.  This motel clerk was also able to stop an armed robber and ensure that neither her, a fellow employee, or a nearby mother and baby were harmed.  Self defense works, plain and simple.

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Given the fact that the Chicago handgun ban doesn’t work to disarm criminals, and instead only ensures that their victims are defenseless, it would seem to me that Chicago should repeal its handgun ban, as many of its suburbs have wisely done.  Next, it would seem that supporting concealed carry, which is already supported by the Illinois Sheriff’s Association, would be the next logical step towards allowing people to defend themselves, rather than being left to the non-existent mercy of gun-ban-ignoring criminals.

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