Robber Shoots Deli Owner For Not Having Enough Money

Published by the Author on December 8, 2008 at 12:33 pm > Gun Related News > Robber Shoots Deli Owner For Not Having Enough Money

As reported, two masked and armed men burst into the Star Deli in St. Petersburg, Flordia.  One of the gunmen stood lookout while the other ordered the owner to empty the cash register.  Despite the owners full cooperation, the gunman wasn’t satisfied with the amount of money that was in the register.  Narendra Patel was shot three times, including once in the chest, for not having enough money.

This is not the first time that an an innocent person has cooperated with the robber’s demands, only to be shot because the robber wasn’t satisfied with the value of the stolen property.  Cooperating with a criminal’s demands is no guarantee that the the criminal won’t shoot the victim due to displeasure with the stolen property’s value, a desire to avoid being identified, or just out of a desire harm innocent people.  Armed citizens, on the other hand, are often able to protect themselves, their collegues, and their children against violent robbers.

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  • Marc STP

    a few nights later one of his relatives was critically shot at another of their family’s stores in saint peteresburg. he offered all the money he had as well and was still shot.

  • Marc STP

    are you going to update that your article to put some more relative information about these 2 incidents and the possible link? from what i understand the police still have not been able to find the culprits or to absolutely link the 2 shootings if they are indeed the same people. this has worried allot of people in my town especially the convenient store owners and employees. the police said they have all available detectives working on this.

    but at least here is a link of a good outcome:

    marc 33711