Barber Shop Owner Shoots Armed Robber Who Threatened his Young Child

As reported: a man who appeared to be a new customer walked in to Llord Baron Cross’s “Cross Cutz” barber shop, in Philadelphia.  The man, 19 year old Hakeem Birch, turned out to be an armed robber, who drew a gun and demanded money.  The owner put his hands up, and then gave the armed robber all of the money he had.  The robber wasn’t satisfied, and threatened to harm the owners 9 year old son, who was in a back room.  After leaving the barber shop for a moment, the robber returned before the owner could lock the door.  The owner was able to grab his lawfully owned handgun and fatally shoot the robber.  The barber shop owner was found to have acted in self defense, and will not face charges.

Here, we have just one of the 2.5 million cases each year where Americans have defended themselves with guns.  Had this law abiding citizen not had a gun, that criminal could have killed him, his young son, or any other people who got in his way.  Instead, a father is alive to continue raising his children, who are also alive and well.  Furthermore, since robbers tend to commit that crime many times over their lives, it is also likely that Hakeem Birch would have gone on to rob and harm other people – but for Mr. Cross putting a stop to this robber.

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This also shows once again that complying with a criminal’s demands doesn’t guarantee a victim’s safety.  Here, the barber shop ower handed over all the cash he had, but the criminal wasn’t satisfied.  This is similar to a home invasion last week, in which an unarmed victim cooperated with the home invaders, only to be shot because his belongings weren’t valueable enough to make the robbers happy.