Miscellaneous Changes to LearnAboutGuns.com

Just though I would mention some recent changes to LearnAboutGuns.com:

1. A New sever – LearnAboutGuns.com is now hosted on a dedicated server, as traffic had increased to the point that shared hosting was no longer sufficient.  After switching hosting providers a few times due to unreliability, I’ve decided to go with LiquidWeb, and I’m quite satisfied with them.

2. Layout tweaks to improve efficiency – I looked into what aspects of this site were putting the most strain on the server, in order to speed things up.  It turns out that having the gun related quotes on the bottom of each page accounted for about 1/2 of the load placed on the database server.  Putting the quotes on this page have sped things up quite nicely.  Other minor changes were made too…

If you have any comments/suggestions/problems/feedback with regard to these changes, just let me know :)