Brady Campaign Sues to Prevent Concealed Carry in National Parks

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As reported, the Brady Campaign is suing the Department of the Interior in an attempt to prevent concealed carry from coming to national parks.  I think this lawsuit may actually be a good thing for gun rights:

One of the biggest hurdles that I think we face in the fight for gun rights is overcoming the rampant misinformation that is spread by the Brady Campaign and other anti gun rights groups.  On their websites, in their advertising, and in statements made in person, they are able to spread anti gun myths with virtual impunity.  However a court of law will be a different story, and I believe that the Brady Campaign will have a hard time proving up the allegations that they made in their complaint (which can be read here).

That fact is that our national parks are some of the most secluded areas of the country.  Criminals have taken advantage of this to victimize unarmed citizens that are trying to go about their peaceful business, knowing that help for the victims is a long ways away.  Just as the Chicago gun ban only serves to keep Chicago’s residents unarmed and defenseless, the gun ban in national parks did not prevent criminals from being armed, but instead ensured that their victims were defenseless.  Nor do concerns over poaching justify a ban on self defense guns in national parks, as the criminals willing to commit the serious crime of poaching will also be willing to break a law against having a gun.

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My thanks to Anders for pointing out this lawsuit.

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