Delaware Public Housing Gun Ban Abolished – Thanks to NRA and CRI

Published by the Author on February 13, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Delaware Public Housing Gun Ban Abolished – Thanks to NRA and CRI

The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) conducted a 5 month long investigation into unconstitutional gun ban in Delaware’s public housing.  Upon finding that the state’s 4 public housing authorities forbid residents to have a gun in their home for self defense, the CRI contacted the NRA for assistance.  After the NRA become involved, one of the four Delaware housing authorities agreed to remove the gun ban.  The remaining three have refused, and it is expected that the NRA will file suit unless those housing authorities promptly abolish their gun bans.  More information can be seen in the NRA’s statement and the CRI’s statement.

Gun bans for public housing residents are as ineffective at disarming criminals as they are wrongful towards the law abiding residents.  Such bans don’t prevent the drug dealing gang members from illegally having a gun, since by definition those criminals disobey laws.  Instead, such bans only keep the law abiding residents defenseless and at the mercy of those violent criminals.  Until criminals start obeying laws, gun control is doomed to fail, as we’ve seen in this country as well as other countries.

I would also like to point something out for those people who still entertain the utterly untrue and thoroughly disproven idea that the NRA is a racist group:  In Delaware, just as in other states where the NRA has fought against public housing gun bans, a sizable portion (if not the majority) of the impoverished individuals in public housing are minorities.  If the NRA were truly a racist organization, they wouldn’t spend time and money to vindicate the gun rights of minorities.

Join the NRA today and do your part to help preserve our gun rights (and save $10).

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