Racism, The NRA, And Gun Owners

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on August 25, 2008 at 11:11 pm
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The short answer: The NRA is not racist, otherwise I and many of my fellow black gun owners would not be members.  Read on for the longer answer.

First, The Reasons I’m Even Writing this Article
I’m a black gun owner who has been an NRA member for about as long as I’ve owned guns.  During that time I’ve experienced exactly 0 instances of racism from NRA members, and have found them to be kind, helpful, and all around good people.  Sadly, some people seem to think that the NRA and its members are racist.  For example, I‘ve noticed an increasing number of people arriving at LearnAboutGuns.com after searching on Google for terms such as “NRA position on African American”, “black people NRA”, “racist NRA”, etc. I already wrote one article addressing the non-existence of racial problems at Chicago area gun stores, but it seems that it is time for this African American gun owner and NRA member to write another article addressing (the lack of) racism insofar as the NRA and gun owners in general are concerned:

The NRA’s Lack of Racism
Bluntly put, the NRA is not a racist organization, but instead one of the oldest civil rights groups in the USA.  The NRA is a national organization with millions of members, and is dedicated to firearms training and the defense of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  There are NRA members of every race, religion, country of origin, etc.  The NRA does not promote or condone racism, as it is comprised of reasonable people. Also, from a practical matter, it should be obvious that the NRA would not support racism, as to do so would give the anti gun lobby ammunition in their propaganda war, while simultaneously costing the NRA the support of reasonable people.  Instead, the NRA has a proven track record of standing up for the rights of minorities.  Many of the African American gun owners on the Black Gun Owners forum are NRA members.

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Other Gun Associations Lack of Racism
The same statements about the non-racism of the NRA apply to other gun organizations, such as the Illinois State Rifle Association.  For example, the 1st vice president of the ISRA is Jewish – hardly the stereotype of a KKK member that some ignorant people apply to gun owners.  Another example is the treasurer of the ISRA, a woman who was born in Poland and later moved to the USA.

The NRA is not a racist organization, and the same is true for other pro gun rights organizations, as well as the overwhelming majority of their individual members.  As a black person who has spoken with and shot with gun owners from multiple states, I can unequivocally say that I have never experienced a shred of firearms activity related racism. It is offensive and saddening to hear ignorant forum posters ascribe racism to NRA members, as some of the nicest people I’ve met over the last couple of years have been NRA members. For example, when I first went trapshooting, an NRA member (who was white by the way) went to the trouble of showing my the basics, and letting me borrow one of his guns on 2 separate days.  Other members of the same trapshooting club spent about an hour chatting with me after I was done shooting, and encouraged me to return.  Lending of firearms, teaching of trapshooting, and entertaining conversation are what one can expect from an NRA member – not racism.

Join the NRA today and do your part to help preserve our gun rights (and save $10).

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  • Robert Wylie

    I visited your site after seeing a note in my last USCCA magazine. What a Very Well done site! I enjoyed reading over the articles.
    One question I see links to NRA and USCCA. Have you looked at the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network? That is the only thing I can see that I would add as a link to a Great site.
    Keep up the good work, Rob

  • https://www.learnaboutguns.com LearnAboutGuns.com


    Thank, and I’ll certainly have to take a look at the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network.

  • Brent

    I live in Georgia and find that most people are very friendly at gun ranges that i frequent .I am also a reloader and a NRA member who happens to be a African American .

  • Daniel

    Have you read "Black Man With a Gun" by Ken Blanchard? I have not, simply because I have not gotten around to it. But I have read other things written by him and listened to him on some podcasts and he seems like a pretty awesome guy and the book sounds really good.

  • Ed

    That's good to know. I'm thinking about joining he NRA, but I want to make sure my money is only going to preserve gun owners' rights, and not any other political agendas.

  • ed willis

    Oregon is the state that im, in am a hunter i fly fish and i only know 4 others of that are i only had a few odd looks frpm people when i go into the feld seeing a black men hunting not haveing saging pants or holding my gun sideways i have been a NRA member but at this tim am not (money,lack of jobs) but i have alway would like to have been a spoke's men for the NRA in my state & naberhood i have not see miney if none at all if you need one am your men


    Decent, law-abiding people of all races need to stand together against criminals. Criminals will hurt you or your family regardless of your color.

  • Gun Toter

    Black Rapper Joins the NRA! Really Smart guy too! http://clatl.com/cribnotes/archives/2012/03/30/ki

  • Auset Ra Amunet

    This is good to know, I just bought two guns yesterday and joined this morning, and I want to make sure my money is only going to preserve gun owners' rights, and not any other political agendas. I believe in your right to own a gun if you so choose, I would love to live in a world where you would not ever need a gun, such is not the case. although I'm a spiritualist who practice black magik, a gun is also a spiritual tool, as one of our gods is Ogun the god of Iron who also rule over firearms.

  • MHoward

    As a Canadian who doesn't own a gun but knows people who do I find this site fascinating.

  • abrown3711

    I live in Maryland Baltimore to be exact and its a shame to say but I still encounter racism in gun store. there are very many store in my area but it seems that every one that I enter I always encounter some form of racism be it from the employee or a customer in the store at the time for instance today I went to the store that I used for the FFL on a website that I purchased a gun from and the second I walked in it was like something out of men in black had just walked in and it was screaming "LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!" and of course I was the only African American in the store at the time so it what else could i expect but it still to this day burns me up that people are so stupid and narrow minded….any way I was picking up an AMD-65 and I had a question for you guys if anyone can help me…..my question is will any AK-47 butt stock fit that gun???? if any one knows hit me up King_Boss34@ymail.com

  • sassy3000

    The NRA was founded by UNION OFFICERS IN 1871!!!!!! While the KKK Was founded by Confederate Officers in 1865!
    The two groups couldn't be anymore diametrically opposed to one another.
    In the Beginning The KKK Was made up exclusively of DEMOCRATS! And in the 1960's it was the Democrats who constantly voted to block Civil Rights Legislation! So WHERE ON EARTH THIS MYTH CAME ABOUT THAT THE DEMS ARE THE FRIEND OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN IS BEYOND ME!
    No! I take that back! I know exactly where this childish myth came from! The Liberal Media! They always count on the laziness and ignorance of their readers not to bother double-checking their stories! So over time, they started creating this FALSE IMAGE of the Caring Liberal and how they were the "party" of the Minorities. Talk about gullible members of the general public!

  • joe13433

    sassy, the dems grew up and stop being racist back-wards thinking bigots whom push their religion on everybody. I think that eventually the civil war in the party will seperate the religious elements and they’ll start cranking out electable candidates.

  • Chris Sievert

    So at what date did the NRA accept African Americans?