Canadian Justice: Shoot A Home Invader in Your Home and Be Prosecuted

Published by the Author on August 26, 2008 at 12:07 am > Gun Related News > Canadian Justice: Shoot A Home Invader in Your Home and Be Prosecuted

I noticed a truly disturbing article in the news today, involving a Canadian whose home was invaded. This citizen shot and killed one of the armed home invaders, who had broken in and held him captive at gunpoint. He is now being charged with manslaughter for defending himself within his own home:

Niagara police are investigating a deadly home invasion that left an intruder dead and a resident of the home charged with manslaughter. Police said four men entered a home on Carlton Street, between Lake and Geneva streets, around 2 p.m. Saturday. The home invaders held four people captive for a short time before one home invader, Pedro Bello, 19, was shot and killed by the resident. The 22-year-old resident, who suffered injuries during the home invasion, has been charged with manslaughter. The surviving three home invaders are facing charges in connection with the home invasion, including forcible confinement, robbery with a firearm and breaking and entering and committing an indictable offense.

This is one of the most outrageous things I’ve heard of in my life.  A man’s home is invaded and his family is held hostage at gunpoint.  He uses a gun to defend himself and his family from an imminent threat to their lives, and is then charged with manslaughter!  This citizen deserves a medal and a ticker tape parade, as it seems that he has stopped a home invasion gang that victimized 3 households in under a week.  I guess the Canadian authorities would rather see their citizens suffer the horrendous acts that home invaders perpetrate, instead of having citizens who save their own lives.

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  • Dale

    "and committing an indictable offense"

    That's an interesting one. In Canada, they actually passed a law that makes it illegal to break the law? What a crazy charge.

    Obviously, since indictable offenses are still being committed, they need a law making it illegal to violate the indictable offense statute as well. And a law making violating that law illegal.

  • Josh

    actually, an indictable offense is similar to a felony in the United States. A Summary-conviction offense would be comparable to the American Misdemeanor.