Armed Woman Fends Off an Armed and Violent Robber

Published by the Author on June 30, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Woman Fends Off an Armed and Violent Robber

As reported, a woman used her gun to fend off an armed and violent robber who forced his way inside her place of business:

Police say that the woman was working at Broad Street Beverage, located at 308 E. Broad Street in Elyria, Ohio, at about 9:15 AM when a robber walked into the building and displayed his gun.  The woman reportedly rushed to close a door that would separate her from the robber, and the robber rushed over to try and force that door open.  Despite her efforts to hold the door shut, the much larger robber was able to break the door and force his way through, according to the police.  Fearing for her safety, the woman grabbed her own gun and fired in self defense, causing the robber to flee, according to new reports.  Police are reportedly seeking the robber, who they believe may have been behind another an armed robbery that occurred just an hour before this crime.

Yet again we have another woman who was able to defend herself with a gun.  Had this woman not been armed, it is rather unlikely that she could have stopped the larger and stronger robber.  Instead, she could have ended up seriously harmed – like this woman or this woman.  The sexist people who suggest that women can’t defend themselves with guns really should take note of this and similar self defense cases that happen every day.  They should also remember that without guns, they physically stronger criminal will prevail, and as a matter of biology and/or cultural norms, few women have the physical ability to fight off a male attacker with their bare hands.

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