Armed Woman Stops Drug-Addicted Home Invader

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As reported, a woman was in her home, preparing to take a shower, when she heard a loud crashing sound.  A drug-addicted man kicked in the house’s back door and entered.  The woman grabbed her handgun, and came face to face with the home invader.  She recognized the man as a drug-addicted friend of a family member.  At gunpoint, she told him to leave, and that she was calling police.  The home invading drug addict fled and was quickly arrested by police. Court records indicate that the alleged home invader was on bail for two counts of receiving stolen property at the time of the home invasion.

This self defense gun use, like the majority of self defense gun uses, did not result in anyone dying or even a shot being fired.  The flawed but still routinely quoted anti gun rights “study” which found gun owners were 43 times more likely to be killed with their own gun that to use it in self defense didn’t take the many cases like this into account, leading to its long since debunked finding.  The fact is that gun ownership saves 65 lives for every 2 lives lost, and the majority of lives lost are due to the intentional actions of criminals, who wouldn’t obey a gun control law anyway.

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Getting back to this particular self defense case, I’m glad that this woman was armed and able to defend herself.  All too often, those people willing to break into homes will kill the occupants in order to steal even a little bit of money.  This is especially true when the home invader is a drug addict who wants the money in order to buy the drugs that they are craving.

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