Armed Woman Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

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As reported, a 26 year old woman from Dallas fatally shot a man who broke into her apartment.  The woman and a friend of hers were in the apartment on the 8000 block of Leigh Ann Drive, when a 55 year old man knocked on the door.  The woman refused to let the man in, and he attempted to force his way inside.  One woman called the police, and the other woman grabbed her gun.  As the man forced hi way inside, the armed woman shot the man in self defense.  He stumbled outside and died of his wounds.  Neither of the women were harmed.

Home invaders have been known to do terrible things to their victims, especially when those victims are women or young girls.  When the home invaders are armed, they obviously have quite an advantage over their victims.  Since a person willing to break into a home and then commit even more serious crime therein is also willing to break gun control laws, such criminals are often armed.  However even when unarmed, many if not most men are still capable of overpowering an unarmed woman.  I say this not to disparage women, but to point out that as a matter of biology and perhaps our societal ideals, men tend to be physically stronger than women.  As a result, a situation where no one is armed is one where the woman tends to lose, and 911 is seldom able to help in time.

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However when women are armed, they are in the best position possible to stop their attackers before it is too late.  This armed woman used her gun to stop  violent ex who broke into her home and cornered her in her bedroom.  This ill but armed woman was able to fend off 3 home invaders, including one who came back to attack her again.  This armed woman was able to defend herself against a rapist who came back to rape her for a second time in a week.  This 85 year old armed woman held a young burglar at gunpoint and made the burglar call the police on himself.  This armed woman stopped an attacker who tried to ambush her.  This armed pregnant woman used a shotgun to scare away two home invaders.   This armed female school teacher used a gun to save herself from a convicted felon who broke into her home.  This armed woman saved herself and her family from a pair of armed, kidnapping, home invaders.  I could list more examples, but the point should be clear: Guns save lives.

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