Another 911 Failure

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In the video clip below, a Nashville, TN woman calls 911 to say that a violent ex-boyfriend is breaking into her home with a knife.  Despite multiple calls to 911 for help that spanned over 3 hours, the cops didn’t show up.  The 911 dispatcher even says “I really just don’t give a shit what happens to you” on tape.  The woman is only able to get help after 3 hours when she calls the Mayor’s office.

This is why I support gun ownership, as 911 fails time and time again to save citizens from violent attackers.  On the other hand, armed citizens are in the best position possible to save their own lives from home invaders, stalkers, rapists, and other criminals who prey on defenseless victims.  I sleep much better at night knowing at if a criminal were to break in to harm me or my loved one, I could stop that criminal, rather than having to hope that 911 manages to send help in time.

My thanks to Anders for pointing out this video clip

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  • SithSnoopy

    Yeah, she definitely needs a gun. And I’d argue that a dog would be good backup. It felt to me like she lives completely alone.

    The dog can alert you to when someone breaks in, and possibly subdue the intruder if it’s large enough, in time for you to get your gun.

    Ok, yes, I know: I have a dog agenda when it comes to home protection, lol. It’s just that often a dog can keep the intruders from even deciding to try to break in, reducing the odds that you’ll even have to draw your gun. I still think everyone needs s gun, however.