Chicago Democrat Wants to Teach Children About Guns in School

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The video clip below discusses Annazette Collins, an Illinois state representative from Chicago, who wants to teach Chicago public school students about guns:

I find this to be a good idea, and wish to congratulate Rep. Collins on not just blaming guns and pushing for more pointless gun control laws as other Chicago politians do.  It has been shown that children who learn to shoot from a young age under responsible adult supervision are less likely to commit crimes using guns then children who do not receive such an eduction.  Making guns into a taboo subject and refusing to teach children about guns just leads to the situation where guns become forbidden fruit that children want to play with.  When that happens, children who don’t know any better end up shooting themselves or a friend.  As the reporter in the video clip points out, people in rural areas often have access to guns from a young age, and are much less likely to misuse guns, which Chicago has strict gun control laws yet no shortage of gun-related murders.  Unfortunatly, many of Chicago’s citizens (such as the anti gun citizen interviewed in the video clip) miss these points and prefer to continue blaming guns for the actions of criminals that don’t obey the current laws, and certainly won’t be deterred by one more gun control law.

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My thanks to Chris for pointing out this news story about Rep. Collins.

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  • Adrienne

    I think that it is a good idea. It’s definitely different, but that’s what others had said about Sex Ed. Knowledge is power as the saying goes, and education can dispel the fear and mysticism that Hollywood and the media puts on guns. Now if only California would take heed of such a method, then we can repeal the current Assault Weapons Ban and other useless gun laws.