Armed Woman Defends Herself Against Home Invading Stalker

As reported, a Phoeniz, AZ woman fired at and killed a violent ex who broke into her home. Terry Milburn, 45, reportedly went to the woman’s home at about 2:30am – despite a court order or protection. The woman, whose name was not released by police, refused to let Milburn into her house and called 911. As she was on the phone, Terry Milburn broke a window and forced his way inside her home. The woman fled to her bedroom, and Milburn followed her. She then fired several shots in self defense, saving her own life.

Here, we have yet another woman whose life was saved by her gun, as a violent ex ignored a court order of protection, ignored the laws against home invasion, and ignored her pleas for him to leave.  And here we have another case in which the police did not get there in time. Indeed, all that separated this woman from the fate of these home invasion victims was her gun, and her willingness to use it in self defense.

It is cases like this that underscore the importance of having a gun for home defense – and why I just cannot bring myself to vote for anti gun rights politicians.