Chicago Police Unavilable to Answer Over 1,200 911 Calls Last Year

As reported, more than 1,200 times last year, residents of the lower income and predominantly minority South Chicago and Gresham police districts in Chicago called 911 – only to be told that there was no police car available to respond.  This would be a ridiculous and unreasonable situation in any part of the United States, however it is particularly outrageous in Chicago, as citizens are forbidden to own handguns for self defense.  I wonder how many citizens were killed or seriously harmed by criminals while waiting for a police car to become available to help them?

It is also worth noting that in the Foster Avenue and Belmont districts, which are two much more affluent (and primarily Caucasian) areas of the city, there were only 10 such instances all year where there was no police car available to respond to a 911 call.  In other words, poorer minorities are disproportionately left without police protection.  Yet so-called civil rights activists such as Jessie Jackson and Rev. Pfleger continue to preach gun control, ensuring that the people they claim to represent are unable to defend themselves.

Residents of other cities should note that this is not just a Chicago problem.  This Nashville, TN woman repeatedly called the police for over 3 hours while a violent ex was breaking into her home.  It finally took a call to the mayor’s office before help arrived.  This Texas woman called 911 repeatedly but got no answer.  Luckily, her son-in-law did answer the phone, grabbed his gun, and raced to her house to save her from the home invader.  These Washington, D.C. women called police repeatedly to report that their housemate was being raped by a gang of home invaders, but the police failed to arrive for 14 hours, during which all 3 women were repeatedly raped and beaten by the home invaders.  Leaving aside these cases of police incompetence, if the police respond in just a few minutes, that is often too late, as a criminal can rape or kill their victim and be long gone before the police arrive.

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When law abiding citizens are armed, things are different: This armed woman defended herself against a stalker who broke in when the police did not arrive in time.  This armed couple fought off two armed home invaders, saving their own lives.  This armed elderly lady stopped a home invader with her gun.  This armed man used his gun to defend himself against an armed home invader.  This armed man held a home invading criminal at shotgun point until the police eventually arrived.  Many more such examples can be seen here.  The simple fact is that gun ownership allows people to defend themselves every day, even when the police are unable to respond in time.