Idaho Woman Defends Her Children from Home Invading Prison Escapees

Published by the Author on August 2, 2009 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Idaho Woman Defends Her Children from Home Invading Prison Escapees

As reported, an Idaho woman used her .22 caliber handgun to scare away two criminals who escaped from prison and tried to break into her home.  Cassidy Lockett, of Cottonwood, Idaho was at home with her young children when she noticed two men trying to break in.  She hid the children behind a couch, and grabbed her .22 caliber pistol.  By then, one of the home invading criminals was half way in to her home through a window.  She pointed the pistol at the criminal, and told him to leave.  That home invader, and another who was trying to break in through the front door, both fled.  The sheriff’s department later determined that these two home invaders were Richard Nieves and Ben Westley Perez, who were escaped criminals.  The sheriff’s department then presented Cassidy Lockett with a certificate of achievement for her courage.

Here we have a woman who was at home, going about her peaceful business, only to have a pair of wanted fugitives try to break in to her home.  Had she been unarmed, it is unlikely that this one woman would have been able to fend off two criminals, who both had experience at breaking into homes.  It is also terrible to think what could have happened to these young children, had their mother not been armed for self defense.  Luckily for this woman, her children, and the rest of her family, she was prepared for sudden attack by criminals – and truly deserves the commendation from the local sheriff.

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  • http://outbacknotes.blogspot Rio Arriba

    Every time I read something like this I think about those in DC, the Usual Suspects, who are working so hard to disarm the American people. If they had their way, this woman would have been helpless— and likely just another statistic by now.

  • Jaybuck

    One would think that a story with a good ending police report where a handgun was displayed to prevent personal injury would eventually influence the opinions of Mayor Dick Daley & his hand picked council members. They all believe they are above common sense when it comes to guns. The problem is they are all blind as a Bat to all circumstances involving civilian guns even when it is justifiable.People of Chicago please go to the polls next election & turn these old knee jerkers out to pasture. The 2nd Amendment & your rights & maybe even your own life depends on it.