Armed Mississippi Homeowner Stops 2 Home Invaders

Published by the Author on February 12, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Mississippi Homeowner Stops 2 Home Invaders

As reported, a Forest, Mississippi man used his gun to stop a pair of armed home invaders.

Police say that two home invaders, who were armed with a handgun, kicked in the door of a home on the 500 block of East Oak Street.  The intruders then rushed inside, at which point the homeowner fired in self defense, striking one of the criminals in the chest and leg, and sending the other fleeing, according to police.  One suspect, reportedly identified as Derrick Thickland, is said to have died on the scene, while his alleged acomplice, Luis Pedro was reportedly found hiding near the crime scene, police say.  After being taken into custody, Pedro reportedly admitted to police that he and Thickland had broken into the home as part of an armed robbery attempt.

When a crime victim is armed for self defense, they are in the best position possible to defend themselves – especially when facing multiple attackers. Here, this homeowner used his gun to fend off 2 attackers.  As another example, this man used his handgun to defend himself against 3 violent men who broke into his apartment.  This business owner used his shotgun to stop 4 armed robbers who where pistol whipping an employee and threatening the lives of everyone present.  This mother used her handgun to defend herself and her young children from a pair of home invading prison escapees.  This woman used her gun to fend off 4 home invaders.  This man used his gun to save himself and his wife from 4 armed robbers.  This 91 year old man used his gun to save himself and his wheelchair bound wife from a pair of armed criminals who broke in to their home.  Armed self defense works, and is often a crime victim’s best chance at avoiding harm.

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