I’ve Formed My Own Law Firm

Some of the earliest readers of this website will recall my career path as a lawyer thus far: I finished law school and worked as a government law clerk while studying for (and passin) the Illinois bar exam.  I stayed with the government for a while, then accepted an attorney position with a law firm in the Quad Cities area of Illinois/Iowa.  At that firm, I handled the majority of the court appearances on cases which ranged from murder down to traffic tickets. I also took (and passed)  the Iowa bar exam, so that I could practice law in both Illinois and Iowa. Having gained trial and law-firm-business experience, I recently departed from that law firm, and started my own firm: Puryear Law P.C.

Right now, the majority of my cases are criminal defense and criminal appeal matters, which I find to be a exciting areas of law.  I am also handling various civil matters, which I enjoy as well.  As a gun rights proponent, I have an interest in self defense and its implications in criminal and civil matters, and plan to spend a good deal of time on that area of the law. Given my background in Computer Science and the time I spent at previous firms that focused on business law and other transactional matters, I may also spend more time in that area of law.

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Taking the 1,000,000 or so steps needed to form a law firm, such as renting office space, securing the necessary insurance, selecting furniture, putting together a website, etc. have taken up quite a bit of my time over the last week or so.  That is why there was a reduction in posts to LearnAboutGuns.com – but rest assured, I remain committed to this website, and plan to write for years to come.  Those who have emailed me and not yet received a response should also rest assured that I will reply (I am working my way through over 100 emails right now, slowly but surely!)

Eric D. Puryear
Attorney at Law (IL & IA)
Puryear Law P.C.
3719 Bridge Ave # 6
Davenport, IA 52807
Phone: (309)644-4955
Email: eric@puryearlaw.com
Web: www.PuryearLaw.com

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