Would-be Robber Shot by Store Clerk

The NK Beverage Pit and its employees have been victims of armed robbery before. Last year, Karla Vigil was working alone one morning when she was robbed at gunpoint. This time, the would be robber wasn’t so lucky.

In yet another case of citizens lawfully defending themselves with a gun, the Tampa Bay Online reports that a would be robber who entered the NK Beverage Pit left with bullets rather than the goods he came to steal. Cres Vigil of Brandon, Florida successfully defended himself against the robber, protecting his life and the lives of those around him.

This is just another piece of evidence substantiating the fact that armed citizens can and do defend themselves every day with firearms. Since criminals can and will get guns regardless of gun bans, we should embrace gun rights to allow citizens such as Mr. Vigil to defend themselves, rather than enacting pointless gun control laws, that will only serve to disarm the citizens and give criminals the upper hand.