Armed Grandson Holds Violent Burglar at Gunpoint

As reported, an attempted home invasion robbery ended with two suspects fleeing and the homeowners’ grandson holding a third at gunpoint until the police could arrive:

Police say that three home invaders, who were armed with a hammer, entered a house on Knapp Street in Elkins, WV at about 10:30PM, while a husband, wife, and their grandson were at home.  The intruders reportedly began to attack the husband, at which point the grandson heard the commotion and came to investigate, only to have an intruder assult him.  The family dog then attacked that intruder, saving the grandson and allowing him to run and retrieve a handgun, according to news reports.  Upon seeing the handgun, two of the intruders reportedly fled, and the grandson held the remaining intruder at gunpoint until the police could arrive.  Two suspects, identified as Derek Scott Ash, 29, of Clarksburg, David Louis Deshayes Jr., 28, of Elkins, were reportedly charged with night time burglary and attempted first-degree armed robbery, and a third suspect was being sought, according to police.

This is yet another example of guns being used for self defense, without a shot even being fired.  Anti gun statistics don’t count such uses, despite the fact that the majority of the 2.5 million defensive gun uses each year don’t result in the gun being fired at all.  The fact is that guns stop crime and save lives, often without the need to fire a single shot.