Joe Biden’s Anti Gun Rights Record

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Joe Biden, the running mate of Barack Obama, is one of the most anti gun rights politicians in Government, although Biden falsely tries to pass himself off as pro gun:

The Brady Campaign endorses Joe Biden, saying, “Senator Biden has been a consistent supporter of the Brady Campaign,” and “a key player in the fight for the federal assault weapons ban that passed in 1994″

Biden introduced an “assault weapons” ban in Congress five years before the Clinton gun and magazine ban was imposed. In 1989, Biden’s Senate Bill 1970 proposed to ban the Colt AR-15 and eight similar firearms as “assault weapons,” and authorize the Secretary of the Treasury (in reality, BATF) and the Attorney General to recommend to Congress any other firearms, regardless of type, to be banned as “additional assault weapons.”

Biden was instrumental in the passage of the 1994 Clinton gun and magazine ban. Biden reiterated his support for the ban—and, in fact, took credit for authoring it—in response to a question at the CNN & YouTube debate earlier this year (see the video below). Biden voted for the ban on a stand-alone vote in 1993, and voted to extend the ban in 2004 as an amendment to the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.” He also included a renewal of the ban in his crime bill last year, along with gun show restrictions.

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Joe Biden’s S. 2237 proposes to renew the Clinton ban on roughly 200 makes and models of semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns on the basis of things like the shape of their grips, and on ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, regardless of the kind of firearm in which they are used.

Biden voted against the law that prohibits lawsuits designed to bankrupt law-abiding firearm manufacturers and dealers. He also refused to sign the Congressional brief in Heller, and voted to confirm only one of the five justices who ruled in favor of the Second Amendment in Heller, yet he voted to confirm all four justices who voted against the Second Amendment in that case.

Simply put, Biden and Obama may very well be the most anti gun candidates this country has ever seen.


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  • Tory II

    Biden is a sick puppy.

  • Jake

    we are given the right to bear arms in the 2nd ammendment to prevent tyranny of government also. The ultimate in selfdefense if neccesary, and it may be at this pace.