A Double Standard: Anti-Gun Politicians and their Gun-Toting Bodyguards

Many of the most ardent anti-gun politicians, such as Chicago’s Mayor Daley, are protected by taxpayer-sponsored armed body guards, but deny law abiding citizens the right to defend themselves. Instead of pointing out this injustice and the inability of the crime victims to defend themselves, many media sources focus on “gun crime“. They shift the blame to guns, rather than the criminals who use guns, and ignore the impact of the laws that prevent law abiding citizens from having a gun to defend themselves.

These anti-gun politicians recognize the need for guns, but want a monopoly on guns for themselves
These anti-gun politicians fully recognize the effectiveness of guns when it comes to self defense and defense of those they care about. That is why politicians like Chicago’s Mayor Daley have bodyguards who carry guns. In the case of Mayor Daley, he has taxpayer-sponsored Chicago Police officers as his bodyguards. Then there is the fact that he is personally escorted by armed Chicago Police officers, who are funded by the taxpayers, while these same taxpayers are often left without police protection as they are being injured or even killed.
I discussed this situation with a friend recently, and his though was that “Mayor Daley is more important and should therefore be protected by bodyguards, and that if [I] wanted such protection [I] could hire my own bodyguards.” Such a response misses the point here. I am not arguing that Mayor Daley doesn’t need more security than me, or that he shouldn’t be able to have bodyguards. Rather, I am saying that it is wrong for politicians reserve effective self defense for themselves – Ordinary, law abiding citizens should have the ability to provide their own security through the lawful possession of a gun. Indeed, many Chicago residents *do* need protection more than Mayor Daley, as is evidenced by their murders, at the rate of about one citizen each day.

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The media and many citizens ignore the double standard and blame guns for the violence
This double standard is about as unjust as it gets, yet I don’t see major media outlets addressing it. I don’t see the families of the thousands of people who have died since Chicago’s handgun ban was enacted clamoring for justice. Instead, the blame is placed on “gun crime“, and the fact that the politicians have armed bodyguards for their own security is ignored. The lack of effective police protection in Chicago’s more dangerous neighborhoods is obvious, but somehow the $4.8 million and 63 officers dedicated to guarding Chicago politicians who live in safe neighborhood is justified.

The question we should ask ourselves is “If Mayor Daley and other anti-gun politicians deserve to be protected by gun toting bodyguards, why should law abiding citizens be left without the means to defend themselves?” Sadly, the answer seems to be that such politicians feel that they and their families deserve to be safe, and ordinary citizens can just wait 5 or 10 minutes for the police to show up.